Song · Mixed-Media Art · Hoop Dance · Poetry · Motherhood · for the Earth

I am Jess Kin.

As a classically trained vocalist in choirs throughout my education,
I have developed a love for weaving lyrics into melody and harmony,
both carefully crafted and improvised on the spot.

I have a wide background of study in music, theater, poetry, art, mindful movement, literature and environmental sustainability. Through formal training and the informal chaos known as the rest of my life, I learn to express my deeply Spiritual viewpoint of the Universe with mindfulness, creativity, authenticity and humor… with these threads, I spin together a unique piece of performance art built organically with original music, dance, story, and visual art.

I hold both Light and Darkness in equal honor.
I create art that reflects this never ending quest for balance.

Tiny Jess Kin with her mother (1995)

Tiny Jess Kin with her mother (1995)

Since birth, my Mother shared her love of the Arts and Nature and taught me to sing, pray and harmonize. When she died in 2010, it left more deep questions for me than Academia or Religion could even begin to answer. 

Left without a guiding force, I have sought out love in all the wrong places… but luckily for me, rock bottom brought blessing.

I discovered that there is an undying guiding force
inside Heart, the place where all life dwells. This force guides me to choose faith, compassion, expression and connection.

My favorite art forms serve as a soothing balm for the hard Truth
and as a way to connect with my Mother, the Earth and others.

My creativity serves as a prayer for the well being of All.

I sing of my authentic relationship to my Self as Spirit,
disillusionment with current structures of society,
honest experiences and views of abuse and addiction,
My Great Love for Mother Earth and
My Deep Compassion for all Suffering.

In response to the social climate Humanity lives in today
I propose a timeless solution:

Accept and love what is,
while moving relentlessly toward what could be.

Jess Kin with her daughter (2018)

Jess Kin with her daughter (2018)


To be true
Is a radical act