House of Kin weaves words from the heart into dynamic vocal melodies and harmonies with the power to shake one’s soul into the present moment.

Live looped vocals, piano, bass and percussion create a soulful pop sound and a story of redemption. With ethereal incantations, humor, and raw truth, Jess Kin and Michael Lesko offer their dreams of what could be with a personal mission to live in gratitude and treat all life as kin.

This music is for the ones who are reconnecting back to nature, back to themselves, back to each other as Kin. This music is for the ones who need reminded of our inherent perfection, as children of Earth, in both our light and darkness. This music is for the ones who love, who dance, who radically express their truths and emotions because they know that's what the world needs now.

Each song is a prayer and a testament to the lessons learned from the darkness.

Full Moon show at Racebrook Lodge 7/27/2018